Bob Vylan Presents: The Price Of Life (Limited Gold Vinyl W/Obi Strip & Raffle)

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-order and will be shipped upon release 22nd April.

Please be patient, vinyl delays may occur. Limited to 500 copies For each copy of the Gold or Silver bought you will be entered into a raffle. 1 person will win a 1 off Bob Vylan doll, signed test press, and unique signed instax 5 people will win a signed test press & unique signed instax And 10 people will win a signed instax. Each copy bought equals one raffle ticket. e.g 3 copies bought = 3 raffle tickets. Includes the Eurovision winning single 'Pretty Songs' and new single 'GDP' The price of life is expensive, but this vinyl is reasonably priced. Anything ordered with this will be shipped out the same time. *Includes download card.